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Our vision is to deliver coordinated and integrated care effectively.

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17+ Years of Quality withCompassion

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Broad Range Of Clinical and Specialty Services For Providing High-Quality Health Care.

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Dr. Joyce Alase, MD


What Our Patients Say


Dr.Alase, is a wonderful Doctor, she takes the time to listen and you can tell she really cares. She takes a holistic approach when it comes to my treatment. She’s not all about adding medications to your already long list of meds.

Dr. Alase is a wonderful doctor! She really eased my dads mind when she took him off of 3 out 5 medications. She really broke things down for my dad so that he felt apart of things. We didn’t wait long at all to see her. She knew what to ask to ease my dads anxiety about the appointment. It was a really great experience

This doctor really cares, she explained everything thing i needed to know in a well detailed manner. I recommend her.


I love Dr. Alase*she is awesome takes care of you and listens to what you say . Talks to you . She gets to the problem very quickly I highly recommend her !!

Starla Ayala – Feb 12, 2020